Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Week 10

This next week will be a bit stressful.

Managing Teams

Not much of a class this week. We did an activity at the beginning of class. As a team, we were supposed to assemble a helicopter out of Lego parts. We could send one person to look at a finished model sitting in front of the room. But other than that and a picture of the model, that was all we had to work with. Our team finished 3rd which means we get one bonus point.

The rest of the class was a review of the chapters. We have a mid-term on Monday.


Tonight's class wasn't too difficult. A lot of what we covered was review. We have a mid-term in this class next week too. We got into WACC and how to derive all the parts of WACC.

Family Event

My wife is giving birth to our 4th child tomorrow, so studying for my exams and tending to her and the new one will be a bit stressful. I'm pretty prepared for the managing teams class, but I'll need a few more hours for the finance exam.

Needless to say, I won't be playing a whole lot of chess or studying chess for the next few days. As soon as life settles down a bit, then I can do my chess vision drills review before I start into the circles on August 11th.

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