Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Week 8

Both my grades are finally out. My leadership class grade was posted earlier this week, but my database grade wasn't posted until late last night. I found out the grade in that class this morning.

Leadership: A- I expected this grade. I aced the paper, so the points that I got docked on were from the presentation and my participation points.

Database: A I usually get A-'s and B+'s. So getting this A made my happy. It was an easy class. I think most people in there got A's.

So now on to Mod B.

Security Valuation & Selection

Jeffery Hart teaches this class. I've heard he's a pervert. He lived up to his reputation for the first class. He doesn't hand out notes. Everything he talks about he puts on the board. I ended up writing 3 pages (front and back) of notes the first night. We're not going to really learn anything new per se, but he is going to show us some usages of all the models out there.

At one point in the class he lost his train of thought and then stopped to tell us that on Thursday nights when he gets home from a late class and his family is all asleep, he watches adult movies on cable TV. Now I don't know if he is joking trying to shock everyone or if he is serious. I tend to think he's serious but making a joke out of it. I think he personifies the typical financial, greedy, business whiz who doesn't really have a balance in life. That's my first impression of him.

Anyway, the class will be tough. We have two tests and a project. Lots of fun. At least there isn't any required reading, so I can just focus on knowing the notes.

Managing Teams

George Ritcheske (rit-chess-kee) teaches this MNO class. He's a good guy. Sitting in his class is like going to one of those Covey seminars. Lots of pro-syner-activeness and sharing feelings and thoughts and openess. It's a feely, touchy, get-to-know you kind of class. For social outcasts like me, it isn't that much fun. I did enjoy the first class. It wasn't too bad.

Our first class was on a Friday night for crying out loud! Since the school shut down for not only the 4th of July, but the 3rd of July, and since our first class would have been on the 3rd, we had to make it up by going to class on a Friday night! Not that that was bad enough, but Georgie boy kept us there the entire time. Most merciful people, in that situation, would let the class out early.

Anyway, we were placed in teams, got to know our teams and then did one of those "you are lost and have to survive so prioritize these 10 things (given) and make sure there is consensus among the group" things. Our team wasn't the best, but wasn't the worst.

I've already got names for the other five people on my team. Pigpen, MG, Emmy, Arizona and Fester. Maybe at the end of the mod I'll explain how I came up with these names.

Quixote Update

I've been reading on and off lately. I'm probably not on schedule to finish in August. But the book is really good and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Chess Update

I play every now and then. I'm still working on the quest. This month I'm going through the other chess vision drills outlined in de la Maza's book. August 11 is the day I'll start the Circles.

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