Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer Week 11

I survived.

Managing Teams

We had a mid-term exam this week. He had given us an outline of all the relavent points from the book. I spent a lot of time memorizing the bullet points because I thought that he'd ask us a question and then we'd have to spit out the bullet points and then comment on them. Instead, he gave us the bullet points and asked us to explain them in detail. So I didn't do as well as I would have liked.

After the exam, we did some team-building challenges. The topic was creativity. He gave us about 25 problems and we had to figure out the solution. The problems were in a box with words in different parts of the box. For example, one of them had the word "world" repeated several times. The answer: World Series. Our team did pretty well. The next challenge was for each team to do a review of the chapter in a creative way. So we took about 15 minutes and discussed the chapter and did something creative with the paper he had given us.


We had an exam in this class too. It wasn't too difficult. I think I may have missed about 20% of the questions. He threw us a few curve balls. I knew the material very well, but I just don't do well on exams for some reason. This morning I reviewed my notes and realized that I had made a few mistakes. I'll still do well in the class. We just have two more classes with new material before the final. The final isn't comprehensive, but it will build a lot on the first exam.

Family Event Update

We had our 4th. She is doing very well. I've been catching up on my blog readings this week and it looks like a few other bloggers had new borns this week or in the last month. Heavy Lifting had a girl, Hungarian Knight's sister had a new one, and I also found out from ChessBase that Judit Polgar gave birth to her 2nd on July 6th this year.


Well, what can I say. I havn't been playing at all and I haven't been doing anything with The Quest. Now that school has quieted down a bit and that #4 has safely arrived, I plan on reviewing some chess vision drills during lunchtime. I should be ready to start the circles on August 11.

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  1. Four? What the hell were you thinking? ;-)