Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Week 9

The 2nd week of mod B is done.

Managing Teams

Not much of a class this week. We had a new team member join our group. Then we did another team-building exercise. We had to design our logo. Next we discussed Brigg-Meyers stuff and related that to last week's Marooned exercise. Then he had each group do a presentation. The topic: a chapter from the text book. After all the presentations, every had to rank the groups ... this would determine who gets the bonus points.


More note-taking. We got deeper into the topics. Nothing is "complicated" but we will have to memorize a lot for the final. As long as you know CAPM and WACC, it isn't too tough.

Quixote Update

Still plugging away. I have about 300 pages to go.

Chess Update

Not much of an update. I've been playing on and off. Not too many rated games though. I'm still working on the Quest.

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