Friday, April 28, 2006

Game Theory: The Real Practice Exam Q36

Game Theory

After work, I ate some dinnner and then studied some more. I got an email response from Dr. Smith and he answered my questions (very well I might add). So I went over those problems again and then did a brief review. After that, I sat down and took the 3rd practice exam. I didn't stop for any breaks or to look at my notes. I took it as if it were the real exam.

I started at 6:30pm and finished just after 8:00pm. I didn't go back and review any answers. My biggest worry about the final is the 20-question true/false section. Inevitablly, I get a little confused on a few questions and my confidence gets shaken. One strategy I've been told of regarding T/F questions is that you answer it once and you never go back and re-think it. You would think T/F are easy, but you have to be very weary of the wording. Anyway, after taking the exam, I graded it and found that I got an 86.8%. Combine that with my averge 87% quizes and I get roughly a B+ or A- ... not good enough for an A. I need to get in the middle up upper 90's on this exam to get an A.

Anyway ... I'm done studying for GT. I'll review again Sunday night and again before class on Monday.


Tonight and tomorrow are crucial for PTAP. I need to read all the articles, go over notes, go over the practice exams and shore up any loose ends. Tomorrow will be difficult because I'll be at home and my focus will be lacking. I just don't know how to study for this class. I think it is pointless to go over book problems at this stage of the game. My strategy is to know the practice exam material very well and then to know some general stuff about the articles. Also, I need to know everything about the equations sheet ... know what each equation is, what it does and why. It's not going to be pretty. These are the times when you just have to buckle down and git 'er done!

Quixote Update
Chapter 36

I read one chapter last night since I couldn't fall asleep. It was a very interesting chapter. After they finished reading the novel, the innkeep saw that there was a group of people coming toward the inn. A lady with a mask on as well as a man with a mask. There were other men travelling with them too. Well, to cut to the chase, the lady was Luscinda and the man was Don Fernando! Of course Cardenio and Doratea were both at the inn. They all heard each other's voices and there was a grand reunion. It turns out well. Don Fernando pledges himself to Doratea and the two lovers Luscinda & Cardenio are reunited.

Chess Update

I didn't play chess last night. I did log on to the server and dinked around while I was at work yesterday. I read up on variables and changed my time zone variable.

The April 28, 2006 puzzle is 39. ? I'm clueless.

See the puzzle for the answer. It's a beauty.

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