Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Game Theory - Last Lecture Q35

Game Theory

Class started at 6:30pm. For the first 10 minutes of class, we did teacher evaluations. He, like all teachers except one, said that he and the school take evaluations seriously. But Mel Fugate (Org Behav teacher) said that the evaluations at SMU don't do much. If I remember correctly, the department head or somebody would just look at the tally's. I don't remember the specifics, but he said they were pretty worthless. In fact, Mel created his own evalutation for us to fill out.

Anyway, after the evals, we took our quiz. I've aced my last two quizes. I don't think I aced this last one. Depending on what I got for this last quiz, I either got an 87% or above for my quizes. If I did worse than 8 out of 10 on the last quiz, then I'll get about 87%. If I did better or even aced it, then I'll get around 90%. I'm expecting an A- in this class, but an A is very achievable. In fact, I'm thinking that I ought to spend less time on PTAP and work on GT so that I ace the final in GT and get an A.


The last lecture is tonight. I'm so glad this class is coming to an end. I printed off the practice exams yesterday and started looking over them. I'm feeling a little better about the final.

Quixote Update
Chapter 35

The novella is finally over. Anselmo catches the maid and her man. The maid's man is just leaving when Anselmo discovers him. He is so upset he demands to know the truth from the maid. She tells him to come back the next day and she'll tell him everything. In the mean time, Anselmo tells Camilla about the man he'd seen. From there, the turn of events was rather dramatic. Camilla flees to Lotario, the maid escapes and leaves the city with her man. Lotario helps Camilla find a place in a convent and Lotario goes off to join the war. Anselmo sees all of this happen and realizes the full magnitude of his actions. He goes to a friend's home and dies. Camilla dies at the convent and Lotario dies at war. It was quite a downer and unbelievable ending.

Chess Update

Last night while I was waiting for class to start, I downloaded Personal Chess Trainer. They have a free download. I opened it and tried some tactics. The tactics were extremely easy. I think I may try this app out for a while. I may end up using it for my milion circles training.

The April 25, 2006 chessgames.com puzzle is 23. ? Nxe6+ is what I would do. If he doesn't take me with the pawn, then Qxc8+ Bxc8 Rxc8+ Bd8 Rxd8+ Qe8 Rxe8+ and white is up.

The answer is Qxc8+. The continuation is found on the the first page of comments under soberknight's reply to JustAFish. I didn't see it. I saw the sacrifice, but not the sequence.

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