Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Game Theory - Lecture 5

Game Theory

We took our quiz as usual. I think I might have been the first to finish. Most of the questions seemed really easy to me. After the quiz, we talked some more about mixed strategy and then we got into the main lecture about brinkmanship.

We watched a few movie clips that showed examples of brinkmanship. One of the clips was from "The Gods Must be Crazy." I don't know exactly what is going on, but there is this general who is looking for some group of men. The general and his men have a prisoner and they think he knows where the other men are (that the general is looking for). They bind the man, blind-fold him and ask him where the men are. It is important to note that they are all in a flying helicopter. The man says he doesn't know. The general asks again and like before, the man says he doesn't know. Then the general suddenly pushes the man out the helicopter! He falls to the ground ... two feet below. The man is so scared out of his wits, he yells out the location of the men the general is looking for. The general says that the next time, the helicopter will be higher! It was a pretty funny clip.

I really liked the topic of brinkmanship.

After class, I talked to Smith and he answered a few questions I had had about the practice tests.

Quixote Update

I was so tired yesterday, but when it came time to sleep, I couldn't fall asleep. Maybe I should have read Quixote.

Chess Update

Instead of reading Quixote, I played Chessmaster. I'm stuck on the player "Orin." I had him beat a few times, but I blundered at the end. So I need to play him when I'm awake.

Today's chessgames.com puzzle is 28. ? I would say Rxd6. If the king takes the rook, then Bf4 pins the king and rook and white wins a bishop.

I got it.

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