Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PTAP - Lecture 6 Q32 & 33


I am so glad I only have one more lecture to endure. On the other hand, I am getting more nervous about the final for this class. I keep telling myself that I'll be fine after I go to the review session and cram for this final. I will probably end up studying all day Saturday the 29th for this class. I am really not at all worried about game theory. I'm actually looking forward to that final. I'll need to put in about 3 hours of studying for that final. I'm expecting an A- or possibly an A in GT.

Our group will meet for the last time on Friday. I'm glad to get those Friday evening meetings over with.

Quixote Update
Chapter 32 & 33

Chapter 32 doesn't really do much other than show that the travelling party arrives at the inn where Sancho was tossed up and down in a blanket. They send Quixote off to bed while the innkeeper and the party discuss various things. One of the subjects is chivelry books. There is some humorous dialogue, but nothing worth noting.

They decide to read one of the books. The title of the book is "The Ill-Advised Curiosity." Chapter 33 is wholly dedicated to this story. It begins with the telling of a very close friendship between Anselmo and Lothario. Anselmo marries. Anselmo and Lothario are still close friends. One day, Anselmo approaches Lothario and asks him to tempt his wife. The reason being that he thinks he has a fine wife, but he is unsure if she really is the gem he thinks she is. He wants to test her virtue. So he begs Lothario to tempt his wife. Lothario protests (about 5 pages worth) and he's pretty convincing. But Anselmo insists.

Lothario agrees. At first, he doesn't really try to swoon Anselmo's wife. Anselmo sees this and gets Lothario to agree to really try hard. This time, Anselmo leaves town and sets it up so that Lothario stays in Anselmo's house with his wife. So Lothario begins his temptations. Camilla (Anselmo's wife) is shocked to see Lothario act this way. She tells her servant to never leave her so that she is never alone with Lothario. But there is a day when the two are left alone. Lothario tempts her again. This time she writes a letter to Anselmo telling him that he better get home or else she's going to go live with her parents until he returns. He writes back and commands her to stay. So now Anselmo has not only put his best friend in a tight situation, but he has also put his wife in a hard spot. This is where chapter 33 ends. Chapter 34 continues the story.

Chess Update

The 4/19/06 puzzle is 32. ... ? OK ... after looking at this for a few minutes, I think I've figured it out. Sometimes you have to go down a few levels so to speak. I was just looking at moves that would attack, but I wasn't seeing what those moves opened up.

So this is what I would do. Ng4 threatening mate on h2. Of course white can capture the knight, but when the knight moved, the rook's column opened up. Rf1 mate.

The answer is Ng4. Splendid.

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