Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PTAP Lecture 4 - Q27


I feel a little bad, but I really don't enjoy the PTAP lectures. After about 90 minutes, I totally space out ... it's like he's speaking Japanese. We talked about arbitrage opportunities ... that was about all I remember.

We got our first case back ... 25/25.


I registered for Summer term on Monday. Today I'll register for the Fall semester.

Mod A
ITOM 6215 Database Design for Business Applications
MNO 6218 Organizational Leadership

Mod B
FINA 6217 Security Valuation & Selection
MNO 6224 Managing Teams

Mod A
FINA 6214 International Financial Markets
Mod B
STRA 6218 Advanced Master Negotiation

Quixote Update
Chapter 27

I read a few pages last night. The priest and barber carry out their plan to dress up as a damsel in distress so that they can coax Quixote out of the mountains. Sancho leads them to where Quixote is. On their way, the cross paths with Cardenio and he tells them his entire story. So now we get to hear the rest of the story. I stopped reading just before he tells the remainder of his story. It should be interesting.

Chess Update

I logged in as a guest last night while I was waiting for class to begin. The reason I logged in as a guest is because sometimes I'll lose my wireless connection and I didn't want to have a "hanging" game. I played one game and lost my queen and resigned.

The 4/5/06 puzzle is 72. ? wow ... this is a long game! Be6+ If the king captures the bishop, then Qc8+ Qxc8 bxc8+ and white is up a queen. If the king moves c6, then Qc8. The black queen can't capture the white queen without the pawn taking her & queening. If the black queen tries to capture the pawn, then white moves Bd5+ and wins the queen.

The answer is Qc8+ ... almost the same result. I went at it in a round about way. Actually,, now that I'm looking at my variation, there is a flaw. d7 for black.

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