Monday, April 24, 2006

Week 7 - Beginning Q34

Spring 2006 Mod B Update

The beginning of the end is near. The last lecture for each class is tonight and tomorrow night. Then for the rest of the week, I'll be studying like crazy for PTAP ... cramming. One of those nights I'll be going to the review. I don't know what day it'll be. I'll be printing off the practice exams today so I can start reviewing those. I'll also have to go back and read all the articles he's assigned to us.

As for game theory ... I still need to read the last chapter today. I don't know what I got on last week's quiz. But I feel pretty confident that I did well on all the quizes. I'm really not at all worried about the final for GT. I'm looking forward to taking it.

So after this week, I'll have two days of finals and then I'll be done! I'll have a week and a half to rest, play chess, do yard work and hang out with The Fam.

Quixote Update
Chapter 34

I read chapter 34 a few nights ago. I'm trying to remember what it was all about. Some of these stories get pretty complicated. If I remember correctly Lothario and Camilla fall in love (everyone saw it coming except Anselmo). So Camilla has this handmaid who also has a lover. Well, this lover and handmaid are sack-mates every night. This causes Camilla some stress, but she can't say anything to her handmaid because she too is seeing Lothario on a regular basis. Lothario sees the handmaid's man come out of Camilla's house one morning. He thinks Camilla is now sleeping with this guy too! So Lothario goes to Anselmo and tells him all. He tells him to watch for Camilla sleeping with this other guy. Lothario feels guilty about snitching on Camilla, so he tells her and she is upset, but she devises a plan. It gets even more complex ... Anselmo hides in the house and spies on Camilla and Lothario who basically act out this little play. Camilla ends up stabbing herself ... the whole gig is to get Anselmo to think Camilla is really faithful. You'll have to read this chapter to understand it all. The next chapter is the end of the novella.

Chess Update

I haven't played chess in a while. This weekend was really busy and this week will be really busy too. But I have updated my Bloglines feed to include all the blogs that the Boylston CC has linked too (well, most of them). So now I read all of them from there and it is quite handy.

Now for the April 24, 2006 puzzle. 34. ? Um ... Qd8+ Rxd8 35. Rxd8 ++ This is probably the most BASIC mate ever. I'd expect a 5-year-old to get this one.

Answer ... the same. As one poster put it, "This was ridiculously easy, even by Monday standards. I think Chessgames could have done better than this."

Both players are GM's. But as noted, this was a blindfold game. I could never do blindfold!

Only 8 more days before my break and then I can play lots of Chess!

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