Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Portfolio Theory & Asset Pricing - Last Lecture


Finally ... no more lectures for PTAP! It was very painful enduring that last lecture. One of our group members had a countdown program running on his laptop. We watched as it ticked down ... second by second ... minute by minute ... it was brutal.

We're getting together one last time to review for the final. We'll meet Saturday night.

I'll be working on PTAP Friday night and all day Saturday. I'll be sick of studying come Sunday.


Today at lunch, I started my review of GT. I worked on one problem for about an hour. I think I may have finally got it straightened out in my head. I'll work on GT tonight and tomorrow night.

Quixote Update

Didn't read last night. I probably won't get into the book until after finals.

Chess Update

Same thing with chess ... I won't be doing much until after finals.

The April 26, 2006 puzzle is 31. ... ? It looks like the queen has to take the rook. I really don't see anything for this one.

The answer is Qxd1+ followed by Bxd1 with Rd2 and white resigns. After looking at this, it seems to me that it was a basic exchange R&Q and R&Q. But if Nxe3, then it looks like black actually wins a bishop.

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