Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Week 6 - Beginning Q31

Spring Mod B Update

Monday I was sick. I ate two pieces of cheese cake and then I ate a bowl of popcorn before I went to bed. I was up all night with a stomach ache and I almost spewed it out. So I stayed home that day and got lots of rest.

That night I went to my Game Theory class. The quiz seemed easy. I don't know if I aced it, but I did well. Then we talked about bargaining. It got pretty hairy during the discussion on Nash Bargaining ... lots of equations and a pretty complex graph. Very unusual for that class. But it was another good class. I'll be sad that I won't have this class anymore in a few weeks. The final is May 2.

Tonight I have PTAP. We turned in our 2nd case this morning. We have one more project to do. It is about style analysis. It should be easy.

Quixote Update
Chapter 31

In chapter 31, Quixote and Sancho and the bishop and Dorotea and Cardenio and the barber and bishop are all travelling. They meet the boy that Quixote "saved" from his master. The master was beating him up when Quixote came along and "saved" him, when in fact, the boy got beat even worse. So the boy tells Quixote the rest of the story and Quixote is suprised and says that he'll avenge the boy. The boy tells Quixote that the next time that he sees the boy getting hurt, to not lend aid!

Chess Update

While I was resting yesterday, I played a few games of chess. I played two on FICS and a few against Chessmaster. I won the two games on FICS. The first win was won on time. I mated on the 2nd win. Both wins came against the same player.

The 4/18/06 chessgames.com puzzle is 21. ? I'd say that the bishop needs to take out h7, but I don't know what would happen after that.

The answer is Bxh7. The rook would eventually have to move to f6.

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