Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Game Theory - Lecture 4 Q26

Two weeks after the "flood" at SMU and the commons and most of the bottom floor offices are still closed. I've been having to eat and study outside ... which is no problem at all considering the gorgeous weather we've been having.

Game Theory

We had a quiz to begin the class. I think I missed about 3 or 4. A few students I talked to after the quiz think that every answer was true. I had a couple of false answers. I know I missed the second matrix on the second page.

The lecture was good, as usual. He did show the Princess Bride clip. We wrote up a whole matrix for it too. He had a couple of students play paper, rock, scissors. There is a whole book about PRS strategies. There are lots of websites too. This one is pretty good. Anyway, the students were to play to 4 ... first one who wins 4 wins it all (a bag of cookies). The one student was up 3-0 when the other student came back and won 4 in a row ... cheap entertainment.

The rest of the lecture was about mixed strategies. It was a good lecture as usual. I need to print off the study questions and exam prep stuff and start getting ready for the final.

Quixote Update
Chapter 26

So Sancho comes to the inn where he was tossed up and down in a blanket. He comes accross the two men who helped burn a lot of Quixote's books. They see that Sancho is caught up in the madness of Quixote. They devise a plan to get Quixote out of the mountains and back home where they can get him some mental help. Meanwhile, Quixote is up in the mountains writing sonnets and poems while he's half naked.

Chess Update

The 4/4/06 chessgames.com puzzle is 58. ...? I would think Be4+. This defends his pawn and attempts to draw away the king from his pawn so that the black king can move to d3. Eventually, white would be in zugzwang (white is forced to move the king away from his best square) and then black moves in and wins.

The answer is the same.

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