Thursday, April 06, 2006

Week 4 HW Wed.

Game Theory

I started working on the practice final exams. He's provided us a copy of the past three exams he's given in this class. So I've been working on the problems last night and today.


Didn't do anything for this class. I'll work on this class tomorrow.

Quixote Update

I finished chapter 27. The end of Cardenio's story was finally revealed. As suspected, Don Fernando (Cardenio's "friend") desired Luscinda. He sent Cardenio to his brother's place so that he could ask Luscinda's hand in marriage. Luscinda sent a letter to Cardenio. Cardenio arrived in time to stop the wedding. He and she talk and she tells him that she has a dagger and will kill herself before she marries Don Fernando. Cardenio says that he'll come to her rescue if need be ... to the death if necessary.

So the ceremony goes on and the priest begins the ceremony. He asks her if she takes Don Fernando to be her husband. There is a long pause (I think she is waiting for Cardenio to come running in to defend her). Cardenio waits for her to take out her dagger. He is frozen and does not move. Then she says yes! Cardenio goes mad. He leaves then and there. He feels betrayed by Luscinda. He heads for the mountians and of course we know the rest of the story.

Chess Update

I played two games yesterday afternoon. I won one and lost a won game. It was pitiful. I'll upload the latest pgn later today.

The 4/6/06 puzzle is 38. ? wow ... this one has a lot of options, which makes it very difficult. I don't know what I'd do. Maybe d8=Q. If he takes my knight, I take him with my queen. The he has to take one of my queens leaving the other to capture the rook.

The answer is Qf6+ and I don't get it.

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