Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 5 - Beginning - Q28 & 29

As I write this, I'm listening to the radio and the current ad is about the Cox PMBA ... I hear them all the time. When I first heard them back a few years ago, they'd stress me out because it was like a reminder that I needed to study the GMAT and apply and get my MBA. It was a constant nagging (like homework is now!) But now when I listen to those ads, I don't stress out any more. It is more of a relief than anything because they remind me of when I used to hate them and now that I'm so close to being finished, I'm not bothered by them anymore.

Mod B Update

Anyway ... on Saturday I was studying for a few hours. Before delving into the HW, I checked out PTAP's practice exam for the final. I was a bit shocked to see that I felt very uncomfortable about the questions. Finals week stress set in. So I printed off all the assigned problems onto paper and started to work on them. I'm taking that d**m textbook with me where ever I go until I finish all those problems. If I don't do well on the exam, it won't be because I didn't try.

I've also kept working on the problems for game theory. I'll be staying after class tonight to ask him a few questions about mixed strategy ... I've covered the problems on the first two practice exams (just the material we've talked about) and there are two similiar problems that I just don't get how the answer is derived. I've gone back to the notes and the book and I'm still stumped. So I need to have him help me out on that.

Other than that, I feel somewhat on top of things.

Quixote Update
Chapter 28 (end) & 29

So the lady they discover is Dorotea. It turns out that she is the one Don Fernando expressed his love to and then took from her what was most precious. She, although it wasn't her best option, wanted to marry Don Fernando. But he skipped town and we know the rest of the story from Cardenio. Well, Dorotea went after Don Fernando and found out that after Luscinda passed out, they found a note saying that she was the wife of Cardenio. When she came to, she ended up disappering too! Don Fernando also skipped town again. It was quite a story. After her story, Cardenio tells her who he is and they form a friendship and vow to find their "other halves."

After all that, the barber and the priest tell Dorotea what they are trying to do (help Quixote). She offers her help saying that she would be a much better damsel in distress than the barber. So she helps them out and they find Quixote. He's just the same as before ... beat up, naked and insane. She tells him that she's a princess and a giant has destoryed her kingdom and she wants Quixote to avenge her.

I havn't quite finished chapter 29, but that is what's going on now.

Chess Update

I continue to work my way up through all the players on Chessmaster 10. I think I've beaten everyone under "Adam."

I figured out how to make the board bigger ... use the scroll button.

The 4/10/06 puzzle is 22. ? Qxh5 gxQ 23. Bxh7 mate.

The answer is the same! Easy.

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