Friday, October 12, 2007

Need for Consistency

My wife and I went to Hawaii the first week of October. We just got back. Before our trip, she sent me to Half-Priced Books to get her some reading material for the plane and beach. I needed to buy a book to read too. As always, I checked the chess section first to see if they had any books on my "to buy" list. I was pleased to find that they had Patrick Wolff's "Idiot's" book. I remember Dan Heisman recomending this book. So I bought it and took it with me to Hawaii. My wife just laughed at me. She couldn't believe I was going to read a chess book to relax.

I got through all the tactical section and part way into the positional section. I really bought the book to begin learning about positional strategy. I got about half way through the book by the time we had to leave. I'm still reading through it at night.

While we were gone, I didn't get a chance to log into CTS. So when I got back, I logged on and started working the problems .... I stunk it up! With tactics, you really do need to keep at it every day to keep your tactical vision sharp (or at least not dull). After a week of struggling, I am finally back up to where I was before our vacation. Like I told Blue Devil Knight (who finished the circles by the way) ... you have to keep at it.