Friday, January 23, 2015

of losing and pinewood derby cars

last fall, i got my 10 year old son to start playing chess.  i introduced him to fritz and chesster and he immediately took a liking to it.  we began to play several games a day.  i got him a account and he began to play lots more.

several years ago, i made a deal with my older kids that if they ever beat me, i would buy them a prize.  this motivated the two older kids for a while, but they never got close to beating me.  i made the same deal with my 10 year old, and he got to work!  he wanted to beat me.

when we first began to play, he would move quite fast.  but more recently, he has been taking his time and really thinking about his moves.  this week, we were playing our usual nightly game.  i was surfing the internet on my tablet while playing him.  but i was still trying to make good moves.  before i knew it, he had forked my king and queen.  i still wasn't too concerned, but then i failed to defend my back row and he was able to notice and deliver the checkmate.  it was over.  i was honestly stunned, but extremely happy at the same time!  he is a very modest ten year old and wasn't overly excited, but he was undoubtedly proud of his accomplishment!

now the fun begins!  i hope he continues to improve and continues to make our games more challenging.

coincidentally, this week my son and i worked on his pinewood derby car.  his idea was to make the car into a chess piece.  naturally, we decided to make it a rook and call it "ROCKYROOK"!

the derby is tonight; we doubt he'll win the whole thing, but it's always a fun event!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

tata steel tournament

i wonder if the players at the tata steel tournament have a constant urge to urinate.

that's all i can think about every time i see the room they are playing in.

and seeing people standing in ankle-deep water like it's no big deal; makes my feet cold.

it must be torture playing in that hall.

Monday, January 12, 2015

silman's knights tests

3rr1kn/ppnqb1pp/2p1p3/6PP/1PBPP1Q1/P3B3/2N5/2R2R1K w - - 0 1
test 1, white to move

5rk1/1b1n2pp/p3pr2/1p1p4/3R1P2/P1N2R2/1PP1B1PP/7K b - - 0 1
test 2 black to move

r1bq1r1k/2p3pp/pppbn3/4Np2/3P1P2/NQP1B3/PP4PP/R3R1K1 b - - 0 1
test 3, black to move

2r2rk1/pbqnbppp/1p3n2/1Pp1p3/2P1P3/P4NP1/1BQN1PBP/R4RK1 w - - 0 1
test 4, white to move

4r1k1/2qn2bp/p2p1ppn/2pP4/1rN1PP1B/2NQ3P/1P4P1/4RR1K w - - 0 1
test 5, white to move

r5k1/pp1rb1pp/3N2b1/2p1B3/5P2/1P3K2/P5PP/R2R4 w - - 0 1
test 6, white to move

r1b2rk1/1p1nqpbp/2p2np1/p3p3/P3P3/2NQBN1P/1PP1BPP1/R4RK1 w - - 0 1
test 7, white to move

r1b1rnk1/1p2qpb1/p1pp1np1/4p3/2PPP1P1/1QN1BPN1/PP5P/1K1R1B1R w - - 0 1
test 8, white to move

3rnrk1/2qn1pbp/1p4p1/2p1p3/4P3/4B1PP/1PPNQPB1/R4RK1 w - - 0 1
test 9, white to move