Friday, December 19, 2008

DHA Doping

Tonight I read likesforests' latest post tonight in which he referred to taking DHA supplements. I have a small story to tell that involves DHA supplements. Several weeks ago in October, I attended a safety and wellness meeting at work. One of the head honchos over at the Cooper Institute spoke to us. He spoke very highly of omega-3's which contain DHA. If you haven't heard about these fatty acids and the benefits from taking them, then do some research.

Anyway, I've known for a few years that omega-3's are very good for you and especially for your brain. The brain is basically made of omega-3 fatty acids. In the past, I've taken flax seed oil and walnut oil, but I stopped after a while. After listening to the gentleman at the Cooper Institue, I decided to start taking fish oil and Cooper Complete vitamins. Since then, I've been taking fish oil and Cooper Complete vitamins every day.

My skin around my nose and eyebrows, which has suffered from some type of dry skin exema, has cleared up as a result of taking the supplments. Also, I feel my memory and coodination has improved. You may laugh, but before I started taking the supplements, the best I could do at playing Wii Tanks was 173 tanks and that was hard for me. One week after I started taking the supplements, I doubled my Wii Tanks record to 240. Ever since, I have regularly been scoring higher and have bested my previous record of 240 tanks to 243. I don't think it is a coincidence.

I think my chess has benefitted. I've been playing more blitz than usual the last several weeks. For the longest time, I stayed below 1200. But for the last several weeks, I've managed to stay above 1200.

But regardless if the omega-3's and vitamins are helping my video gaming and chess, I think the health benefits are tremendous.