Friday, September 07, 2007

Another Reason I Play Chess

I got a kick out of Chessloser's post a few weeks ago about the possibility of being thrown in the slammer and having all that spare time to play chess. In a sense, a lot of senior citizen who are physically disabled experience a form of prison.

I've always figured that once I've exhausted all my physical strength and and am old and sitting around in my son's home or a "retirement home" that I'd play chess all the time.

Today I came accross an article about a man who is taking chess to senior citizens who are disabled. Obviously he loves chess and now that he can no longer work because of his own physical disability, he is focusing on helping others.
After reading the article, it dawned on me that this gentleman (Patrick Ellis) has hit upon a great idea. As kids, my Mom would force us to sing at Retirement Homes during the holidays. I knew it helped these older people feel some joy in their lives, but I personally didn't enjoy visiting these crypts. Through the years, I began to realize just how much these elder folks appreciated and loved receiving visits ... any form of interaction made them wag their tails. They are a lot like little kids and beg for attention.
Anyway, I guess the point I'm trying to make is that for me or any of you chess bloggers out there who may come accross this post ... consider visiting a Retirement Home this year (especially around the holidays). And when you go to visit, don't forget to take your chess set (or even your checkers).
For more information about this subject, visit Patrick Ellis' website

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  1. Wonderful sentiments and call to action--thanks for pointing it out!