Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving Along

I'm still chugging along at ChessTempo and I'm getting close to finishing Logical Chess Move by Move. I've not had much time to play, but that will all change here in the next few months.

I've been transferred to a new job. For the next two to three months I'll be caught up in work transition and relocating, so chess will take a backburner for a little while. But once we get settled in, I'll be on a normal work schedule (as opposed to shift work - hallelujah!) and I'll be able to more regularly play chess (via the 45 45 tournament). Also, I'd like to actually join a real live chess club, once we settle in to our new home, and play there once a week or so.

In the mean time, I'll continue to hang out at ChessTempo (almost up to 5000 tactics) and try to finish Logical Chess.


  1. I really recommend you to join the local chess club. There is nothing you can compare with OTB, even online correspondence, simply not the same quality. It will also show you if your training is right, maybe you should pay more attention to openings or endgame or tactics...

  2. Hello! I have a question: are you going to be covering the upcoming St. Louis chess tournament?