Friday, April 11, 2014

"How To Judge a Chess Position"

Stumbled on this video today.  I really liked it - I need to find more videos like these.

His advice:
1. count the pieces
2. compare the kind positions
3. compare the pawn structures
4. compare the relative piece activity of the players
5. work out if there are any threats
6. make an assessment, look for moves

1 comment:

  1. To "judge a position", "positional evaluation" and "thinking process" are very close related.
    Try the searchwords chess and evaluation ( or, not quite that good: chess and thinking ) at >> youtube

    A "correct" thinkingproces starts with some type of ( positional ) evaluation, to get aware of "what is" ; compare both sides, recall the strategical goals "given by" the positional features of the position; select candidate moves and calculate

    So if the positional evaluation says: there is an open file, then the /a common strategic idea is to put rooks and queen at this file to conquer the 7. or 8. rank... so you can judge your candidate move if they help to do that. At the same time your opponent might have a strong point. His strategic idea of his might be: to use it as outpost for a minor piece. Your goal is to prevent that. So a candidate move which supports both of your goals is ( usually ) a very good move

    You find here : many examples how to think in chess
    You find the thinking process of that video there too:
    A few pages there are not that interesting though.