Sunday, April 26, 2015

state of my chess

since about 2011, i've been trying to establish a goal of playing about 50 real games a year.  in 2012, i got to 41 games, in 2013 i played 52 games, in 2014, i only play 24 games.

in 2015 so far, i've played about 22 games.  i need to reach my goal of 52 games by the end of august.  this means i'm about 10 games behind.  but i think i'll be able to reach my goal.  most of my games are turn-based.  in fact, i've got an active game with robert pearson going right not - it's early into the match.  you can follow that game here.

unfortunately, this is about all the chess i can get in right now.  i started a new assignment at work and it does not leave much time for anything else.  every once in a while, i'm able to sneak away during lunch and solve some problems at chesstempo.  and once a in blue moon, i pull out chess book and read.

if anyone wants to play a 30 0 game or longer, leave a comment.  i play on or

and lastly, i'm sure everyone has already seen this, but in my effort to document chess violence, i needed to add this to the list: a 10 year old boy jumps to his death after being check-mated


  1. I doubt I would be much of a match, but if you would like to play a 60 0 game on or lichess I would be game. My name on both is bhandelman (as well as most of the other places to play such as FICS and ICC and Playchess).

  2. I also play at and would be interested in a longer game. You've got the better rating; but my standard rating has been rising recently. I'm about 1480.

    my handle is joliepa.

    there's some really good content here. thank you.

  3. That game is over now but I wanted to say thanks! I was a good tough contest. I must admit I thought had an easy win but it was a lot tougher than I thought because you are a fighter!