Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"make the best move you can" by marcus aurelius

for the past year, i've been learning and trying to practice stoicism.

today, while reading marcus aurelius' meditations*, i came across this quote, which i thought amusingly applicable to chess.

If you are doing your proper duty let it not matter to you whether you are cold or warm, whether you are sleepy or well-slept, whether men speak badly or well of you, even whether you are on the point of death or doing something else: because even this, the act in which we die, is one of the acts of life, and so here too it suffices to 'make the best move you can'.

* Tranlated by Martin Hammond, Introduction by Diskin Clay


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hey Rocky! Soticism! I just starting reading up on the Stoics in December. caught the bug after reading Ryan Holliday's-The Obstacle is The Way. A good book but more of a filtered dissemination. Since then I have finished a book on Seneca's Letters, and The Enchiridion by Epictetus. Also a few essays by Seneca. Currently reading Epictetus's Discourses. Meditations is next on my list. It really is amazing stuff. (oh and I raised my USCF rating 200 points last summer-Go Chess! :) )

    Hope you are well.

    1. that is fantastic Tommyg! i caught the stoicism bug around the fall of 2014 and have been slowly assimilating the stoic lifestyle ... i follow a lot of the discussions on reddit and facebook.

      as for chess ... i just play blitz (5 2) these days. i simply enjoy chess!