Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Round 1: LEPers - TheDarkKnightTwo v. RockyRook

The first round of the tournament of LEPers is on. TheDarkKnightTwo and I played. Both our clocks dripped down to a minute. For a few moves towards the end, at least one of our clocks dipped below a minute. I tend to get nervous as it is, but to add time pressure was worse.

In the end, TheDarkKnightTwo won when he pretty much guaranteed either a pawn promotion or by capturing my hanging rook. After Na6, I resigned.

I had my chance when I missed a hanging pawn. Last night was so long ago, but I seem to recall seeing this move. But I didn't realize I missed it until Herr Fritz subtly pointed it out this morning. I exchanged queens, but missed the hanging knight. Of course had I seen the proper move, I was still fighting a formidable opponent who would not go down easy.


  1. as always, lovely blogging. thank you! dk

  2. I will be on the lookout when my turn to play the Dark Knight arrives!

  3. I thought your c5 pawn thrust was an annoyingly good idea, it made me scramble to readjust to the new situation. I feared (wrongfully i think now after seeing some analyses) exchanging queens lest you get a rook on the 7th.

    A couple or so moves prior to the missed opportunity to take my knight I had seen that and thought, well, he cant do that because then I'd get his queen. Imagine my horror when we got to that point and I saw it was defended by a knight. Then I thought, aw man, I'll have to take the pawn and try to advance my queen-side pawns and queen one. I felt this would be an arduous task with too many opportunities for you to make combinations (especially with your extra and mobile knight to harass my pieces.). For one thing my pieces were not coordinated yet for such a plan. And time pressure would have made it all the more likely I might make tactical errors in coordinating and advancing. So you can imagine my relief when you decided to pursue other options. Again thanks for the game!

    Wahrheit: I’m flattered:-D. Although a little annoyed that your guard will be up. One of my advantages I hoped would be my presently lower than usual rating putting my opponents in a relaxed mood.(Thanks a lot Rocky Rook!>:-( jk.).

  4. Did either of you save the score? It would be interesting to play through the whole game.

    @l3rucewayne: For the most part, I'm expecting almost everyone to be nearly my equal. Our ratings are too close, except for the top seeds.

  5. Sure it's in my history, I think I'm gonna see if I can post my pgn in a post so it can be downloaded for the database.

  6. bruce, YOU can view your history, but opponents cannot at FICS. there is very much that i like about FICS, but ICC has the history of the last twenty games in perpetuity.

    just make up the name of an inactive player (dont know this, but lets call them ChanceWar, or WildBill). finger ChanceWar and the games are not only there, but time used, stored for five years.... even if ChanceWar is inactive or not paid in their account.

    go to my history at FICS, transformation and you will see that this is not available, nor RLP, etc.

    warmest, dk

  7. Hmm, maybe you need babas, I did fi rlp and right clicked his name and selected the profile option then clicked the history tab and examined 2 moves of the game. But I too wish they would have the last 20 games instead of just 10 I think it is

  8. woops!

    yes, i have baba, np at all there.

    do i need a special setting or overide? sec, let me try it again. mind you, i do this all the time, but will try again:

    no, just the matrix with date and time:

    20: - 1320 W 1575 oxta [ br 5 0] D53 Res Mon Feb 11, 22:20 PST 2008
    21: - 1315 B 1469 blerg [ br 3 0] B01 Fla Mon Feb 11, 22:26 PST 2008

    what command are u using? eager to hear!

    thx, dk

  9. Sounds like you are right clicking the persons name then selecting "history name" from the list. Instead click "name's profile" then go to the history tab on the window that pops up. hope it works for you. I don't know if different versions of babas matter or if firewalls or something would stop the window. let me know.

  10. I added the game to my 'standard games' link. Just click on the link to the side (2nd link under 'chess links) and a window will pop up. The last game is TheDarkKnightTwo v RockyRook.

    As for the command to view history of a player's games on FICS, in the command window, you can type "hi rockyrook" and you would get the last 10 games I played.

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  12. thanks, again, this is known, i do the pop up profile of MYSELF all the time. but it pulls up the game, with no moves. perhaps i need to check my version [of course, i email myself the gamescores for back up and have all my games sent to chessBase9 AND surely make ample us of THAT!).

    i am comfortable WITHIN babachess, but its not the best program, just the one that works best there....

    anyone else can duplicate bruce's steps and result, or do the rest of the readers share my difficulty?

    l love checking histories, its just the way god made me, but limited at FICS significantly there.

    warmest, dk

  13. dk, if all else fails, type "examine name gamenumberfoundnexttogameinhistory" ex: "examine thedarkknighttwo 90" after looking up my history and seeing one of the games has 90 beside it.

    Besides that, just to double check, did you click a game in the window then click the examine button below which loads the game with no moves then click one of the forward buttons under the game to play through the game? you may need to make a certain toolbar show up if the arrows under the game arent available when it loads.

  14. damn!

    those buttons on the bottom???

    why yes my boy, it works. hot damn.

    now i can see what all you guys do, not to mention 'certain' other players you do not know who need punishing :)

    all these baba buttons are like the consoll of a Boeing 747 or a SQL tool box...

    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. LOL It got to the point where I had to pray, I'm thrilled it worked out!:-)