Thursday, February 21, 2008

Round 2 LEPers - RR v RLP

I really think I'm over-rated for this tournament. I knew I was going into it and now at 0-2, I've got proof.

This game was a quick game. Going into it, I had to battle an inferiority complex against the famous Wahrheit. I played him in my very first correspondance game at RedHotPawn. He pwned me big time. Since that loss, I've won every single CC game. Plus, he is a very, very smart and intelligent human being ... just read his blog.

So I tried to play aggressive. It obviously didn't work. He sliced and diced me like a chef making a salad. I was a head of lettuce going into the game and came out stuffed in a bag ready to be made into cole slaw.

Here is where it all came unraveled.

Oh well. There's always next week.


  1. Well, thanks for your kind words but now I've got a lot to live up to!

    I think you earned your rating fair and square through your results on FICS. It was one of those games where you just made the one mistake I think, recapturing with the queen on d4 and after that it's just impossible to work your way out.

    Best of luck the rest of the tournament!

  2. The NY Giants started 0-2, but won the Super Bowl. So who knows, maybe you'll win the next 7.

    OK, sorry, that's cruel. But it is looking like Wahrheit doesn't need the 5 Whites...

  3. Famous? My darling Robert is famous? Why am I always the last to know?

  4. Shucks, now I'm blushing.