Tuesday, September 04, 2012

'12-13 Game 6

Game 6 of my 2012-2013 52-Game quest was my round 7 game in the Southwest Open in Dallas.

I was paired up against a gentleman I had previously played back in July in the NAS-NAJ tournament.  I won that game in July, but lost against him yesterday.

Here is the game - I was black:

I got off to a good start - went up a pawn, but then couldn't turn that 1 pawn advantage into a win.

Both of us were under a bit of time pressure ... had about 1-2 minutes per move until we hit move 30.

I think I need to let Fritz analyze this one first.  It feels like I missed something.

So I finished with a 3.0 / 7 ... in reality, it was 2.0 / 5 since I took two byes.


  1. After he castles long, you're a pawn up and have the bishop pair, why not simplify the game with Qxd2+ rather than lose all this time with your queen ?

  2. good point. although, at the time, i was thinking of ways to pin queen/king - that is probably why i didn't simplify.

    but you're right ... i should have traded queens at that point.