Sunday, January 06, 2013

'12-13: Game 14

My 14th game in the 2012-2013 52-game quest is from the Double-My-Egg-Nog 60 5 Tourney.

Before I begin, if you haven't visited and read Path to Chess Mastery, then I highly encourage you to do so.  ChessAdmin has some really good posts over there.  In fact, I have read over a few of his posts repeatedly. I'm taking to heart his post entitled "Game Analysis for Improvement in Play".  I really need to spend more time internalizing my games (after, of course, I begin playing lots more games!)  And so, I intend to practice analyzing my games much more than I have before.

In this game, there were a few themes, but two stood out in my mind: analyzing a position to quiescence and king safety.

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  1. Hi Rocky,

    9. c5 isn't a bad strategy. To keep the Qside bind you might want to play b4 as quick as possible remembering to protect the Rook on a1 so you can follow up with with a3. The goal is to keep that pawn on c5 with as much control on the Qside files as possible.

    A lot of the time Black just locks up the Qside but then is really bound.

    In interesting game with a nice demonstration of the Qside bind is a Petrosian-Fischer NimzoIndian from early on, maybe 1959.