Tuesday, January 08, 2013

FICS Standard Chess Club

One of my resolutions this year, with regards to chess, is to simply play more.  A few years ago, I set up the FICS Standard Club (FSC) which is a virtual weekly chess club held on FICS from 18:30-22:00 FICS time (Pacific time) every Tuesday and Thursday evening ... check out the site here.

Some people have shown interest.  So in order to help it pick up steam, I'm trying to be more committed to showing up regularly.  We "meet" in channel 111 if ever you want to stop by.

I tried fishing for a 60 5 game tonight, but no bites.

Someone, however, did challenge me to a 15 0, so I obliged.

Here is a neat little tactic that won me the game ... can you spot it?

Black to move and win


  1. Is that nine hours behind Stockholm, Sweden time?

  2. FICS is -0800 UTC
    Sweden is +0100 UTC

    so, yes it is 9 hours behind. the club would meet about 3:30am Sweden time.

  3. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw the headline !

    I'm usually asleep at that time ( although some might say that it will have little effect on how I play ;)

  4. Hmm, Tuesdays are no good, but I might be able to make Thursdays... 6:30 Pacific? (Would be 7:30 for me, mountain time...)

  5. Shredder Classic thinks that 1...Qe1+ is best, but it is not very decisive.

  6. BK - that is probably the best move. i played Bd7 and he replied with Nd4 and i finished it with Qe1#.

    however, after Bd7, white should play Ne3.

    so, maybe this really isn't a tactic for black to play and win. i didn't spend a whole lot of time analyzing this until now.

  7. Yes, I considered Bd7, but Ne3 is indeed a show stopper.