Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Round 4 Fall 2006 OCL

So I played board 4 in round 4. I was looking to earn my first on-line tournament win since 2004. It turned out well, but how I got there wasn't too satisfying.

My opponent put proper pressure on me and I probably didn't have the best position. For a long time I thought I would lose the game ... I felt that my play just wasn't solid. Then came this position (see below). I totally missed seeing the fork and consequently did not protect against it. To my suprise, my opponent forked me. From then on, I just gave the game a half-effort. I continued with my plan to double up my rooks and try for a mate in the corner. The only chance I would get would be if my opponent blundered.

He didn't blunder any pieces, but he did miss mate in one. At this position, I was expecting Kf8. Instead he moved e2. I rubbed my eyes and verified the mate and then proceed to move Rh8#.

I was expecting my oppenent to put more pressure on my king such as b4 and then getting his rooks and queen all lined up for the mate. I lucked out and that is why I'm not entirely satisfied with this performance.

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