Saturday, August 21, 2010

Graphic Novels, Business School and Chess

One Texas Tech teacher is using graphic novels instead of traditional textbooks to teach his students about business.  The character's name in the graphic novel is Atlas Black.

Atlas plays chess with his friend and they discuss the similarities: "In both chess and business you have to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. You have to anticipate your opponents moves. You have to consider a lot of potential options that aren't necessarily clear or perfect. In business and chess, you can take 'old moves' and put new twists on them."

From reading the article, it sounds like the format of content has changed, but the content has remained relatively the same.  In MBA school, we were always reading cases that had background scenarios.  In almost all of those cases, we had to decide what was relevant information and what was fluff.  If you've ever read The Goal then you could easily imagine it being reformatted into a graphic novel.

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