Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Negotiations Are Over

I've completed yet another class and am about to complete another.


Last night, our group met and did the final negotiation. I think just about everyone was eager to get it done. We met at a Barnes & Noble, so the atmosphere was a little distracting. My partner or associate ... whatever the case called him ... wasn't really into the negotiation. He has two classes left before he graduates, so his attitude wasn't the best. I did my best to get as much money as possible. The two on the other side of the bargaining table were a little stiff.

At this point, I'm glad to have another class finished with.

Excel Modeling

I finally got a decent model working! I fell asleep last night thinking about the problem, but no solution came to mind. So after a good sleep and a solid workout at the gym this morning, I came into work, read some email, took care of business and then took a fresh look at the problem. The total number of "garments" to purchase was different in each of the options. So the net profit was different. The 2nd option was supposed to earn more money than the first option, but the first option was making more profit. So it dawned on me this morning to use profit margin, and lo and behold the profit margin was better with the 2nd and 3rd options. I hope it's correct. But at this point, I really don't care ... the model will do. I just have to do the write up ... probably tonight and then I'm done with that class! HALLELUJAH!

Thoughts on Perception of Classes

Since I've been in the PMBA program, I've noticed something about my attitude toward a class and the degree of difficulty of the class. I remember thinking that the 2nd accounting class I took (Hogan) was going to be very difficult and that the decision modeling class would be hard. It turned out that accounting wasn't all the tough and that decision modeling, although stressful, wasn't that bad either.

Another example was my first finance class and marketing. I thought marketing would be a hard class and that finance wouldn't be so tough. It was just the opposite. Marketing was relatively easy and enjoyable and finance was the bear.

Pretty much every class I've taken has followed that pattern. I think I might like a class, and it's hard. I think a class might be tough and it's easy. These two classes, negotiations and Excel modeling were no different. I was semi-affraid to take the negotiations class and I was all pumped about the Excel class. As it turned out, I dreaded the Excel class and really enjoyed negotiations.

So what are my feelings towards the next two classes ... game theory and portfolio theory & asset pricing (PTAP)? Well ... I'm taking these fianance classes for two reasons; 1) to fulfill my major requirements and 2) because I liked these topics when we covered them in previous classes. And this is what has me worried ... I'm looking forward to these classes! If that is the case, and judging by past experience, then I'm in for a rough 8 weeks. I sincerely hope I'll enjoy these classes or at least I won't have a hard time with them.

Quixote Update

I didn't even open the book yesterday. I came home from the negotiation, put my kids to bed and then watched part of a movie with my wife. It was about 10:40pm when we went to bed. She was out and I was very drowsey, so I feel asleep relatively quickly. I listened to Enya's Amarantine while I drifted to sleep. It was peaceful.

Chess Update

Didn't play any games last night for reasons stated above.

As for the 3/1/06 puzzle. I didn't get it. It was 21. ? I thought Qh4. I thought of the bishop sacrafice on h7, but didn't know what to do after that. The game turned out to be a wild king-chase all over the board.

There is a high probability I will play a game or two tonight.

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