Monday, March 06, 2006

Spring Break - Monday

Still no word on grades yet. I'll be checking my grades every day until they come out. I'll probably go sell my two books and buy next mod's books this week too.

Quixote Update
Chapter 15

At the end of chapter 14, Marcela ends her discourse and then turns and heads into the deep forest. Quixote unsheathes his sword and declares that no man should or will follow the lovely Marcela. After that, the travelling company and Quixote split.

In chapter 15, Quixote and Sancho head into the the deep woods themselves ... in search of Marcela! They came to a stopping place to rest the night. Thinking that Rocinante would be well enough off, the didn't tie him to a tree. So the horse wandered off and tried to mount a few ponies. The Yanguesans, the owners of the ponies, didn't like Rocinante getting it on with their poinies ... so they took their staves and gave the horse a royal beating. Quixote and Sancho saw all this happen. The two of them took on dozens of other men in order to defend Rocinante. Well ... Quixote & Sancho got schallacked. The Yanguesans leave them for dead and walk away. Quixote & Sancho talked for a while laying down on the ground ... bleeding and beat up. Then Quixote got on Sancho's donkey and they got Rocinante up and they walked away. Poor Rocinante!

Chess Update

Today's puzzle is here. Black to play. 28. ... ? I'd play 28. ... Qxe1 Rxe1 29. Rd1+ Rxd1 30. Rxd1 ++.

The answer ... same as above. This was pretty easy.

I've got to work on the yard this week. But after a hard evening's work in the yard, I'll settle down and play some chess and work on tactics.

I still remember the day I signed up on FICS. It was April and the weather was gorgeous. I sat at the computer with bare feet and played chess while listening to the Spring birds sing outside. Every Spring, I am reminded of that glorious day!

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