Saturday, March 25, 2006

Week 2 Comes to an End

Week 2 is in the history books.

Game Theory

I haven't done anything with this class since Thursday. I need to do a little reviewing before the quiz. I was on campus today for a group project ... so I checked my folder and found that I got my first quiz back. I got an 83% on it ... missed two - and they were easy ones too! Oh well ... need to do better. Hopefully that will be my lowest.


Met for a group project today. Last night I worked on the case and got most of the analysis done. All we had to do today was go over the questions and verify our own analysis. We were all pretty much right on. We'll all be working on the write-up today and tomorrow. I'll put the whole enchilada together and turn it in on Tuesday before 10am.

Quixote Update

Havn't been reading lately ... I've been using some of my rare spare time to do Sudoku puzzles.

Chess Update

I'm hoping I'll have a few minutes to play today.

My wife was talking to the wife of a friend of mine and she said that he has been playing lots of chess and wants to play me sometime. I'll need to talk to him at church tomorrow ... enlighten him about FICS so we can play a few on-line. I think he's been playing Chessmaster (don't know which version though) or some other computer program. So I'm really looking forward to having a friend with whom to play chess.

When I was in Central America on a mission, my comp and I met this gentleman (I think his name was Julio) who loved to play chess. He was the "county" chess champ at the time. This man had a friend who was a member of the church but inactive. On our p-days, we'd go over to this man's house and play a few hours and drink liquados ... it was a bunch of fun. Ever since I've wanted a good friend to play chess with. Maybe this is it. Anyway ... to finish the story, the member ended up coming back to church and was a great help in the branch. Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember that I borrowed a chess book from him. Like most chess books I own, I read about 2 chapters worth and forgot about it!

The 3/25/06 puzzle is 16. ?I'm not sure about this one. Obviously white can make the exchange, but as for the rest, I don't know and I don't have the time today to really think it out.

The answer is Ne4 ... I'll have to take a look at this later.

That's all for today ...

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