Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Break - Tuesday

Still no grades yet. I'm going to sell and buy books today. I'm always a little hesitent to buy books. Sometimes the teacher will require a book, but then they never use it (negotiations) and then other times the teacher heavily relies on the book (Fugate) while others will not necessarily require you to buy the textbook, but then they refer to it quite often. Anyway, since the MBA is on my employer's dime, I usually buy at least the required text.

Quixote Update
Chapter 16

I only read about half of chapter 16 last night. Quixote and Sancho make their way to an inn. Quixote thinks it's a castle and that the inkeepers are a king and queen. So far, there's just been a little dialogue between them.

Chess Update

I played two blitz games last night on FICS. The first one, I put out a seek. I ended up playing a player rated 846 ... I need to put an algorithm in my seeks to weed out the lower rated players. I played him anyway. It wasn't much of a match. After that, I waited for a game to come along. Nothing good was available, so I ended up accepting a seek from a guest. It turned out to be an interesting game. I played a different variation and had my bishops lined up targeting his castled kingside. I sacraficed the black bishop and then moved in with my queen. I then got my rook and knight involved and then he resigned. I saved the game to analyze it later.

The 3/7/06 chessgames.com puzzle is 28. ? I think Ng5 would be the best move. If Nxg6 then Qg7 mate. Else the black queen has to capture the knight in which case white is up a queen.

The answer is Nd6 ... the error of my thinking is that the black knight would not take my knight, but the queen would take f6, thus defending f7. Nd6 is a double-attack on the queen and rook. If cxd6, then rxe6 defending the f6 pawn. Regardless if the black rook or pawn takes the white rook, white moves Qg7 and wins.

I might get a few games in tonight before bed.

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