Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring 2006 Mod B Class Begin

Module B starts today. I've not done anything with the classes. We've been busy getting ready for the kids' Spring break.

This morning, the wife and kids left for Austin. They'll be visiting their cousins for the next 4 days. It was a hectic morning getting them off. On top of getting them ready, we're getting the house painted ... so we had the painters getting the house all ready to paint. Julio is the crew chief. He said that they'd be done by tomorrow. It'll be nice to have the house all painted and put back together. Also, this weekend I planted grass seed in most of the back yard where the grass died a few years ago. So we're under a lot of stress right now .... can't wait to get this week over with.

Needless to say, I've not done much with school and chess since Saturday.

Quixote Update
Chapter 18

I finished chapter 18 last night. It was pretty funny. So Quixote goes off to attack the sheep. Sancho tells him not to, but Quixote thinks they are really armies and not sheep. He kills 7 sheep before the shepards nail him with two shots from their slings. One hits Quixote in the ribs, breaks them and the other hits him in the mouth, knocking out a bunch of molars. Quixote drinks that magic potion (the one that made him vomit). Sancho comes to his rescue. Quixote asks him to take a look into his mouth to see how may teeth he has left. Right then the potion takes effect and Quixote vomits all over Sancho. Sancho gets sick and in turn vomits all over Quixote ... I thought this was pretty funny! Cervantes does such a wonderful job describing it all ... no wonder it's a classic. Anyway, they get on their horses and take their leave.

Chess Update

I played lots of blitz this weekend and like Don Quixote, I got the crud knocked out of me numerous times. I was a blundering fool this weekend. I got lucky on a couple of games and won them, but I lost most of them.

The 3/13/06 puzzle is 19. ...? Rh1+ 20. Kxh1 Nf2+ (forking king, queen and rook.

The answer is Rh1+ and the rest is history.

I hope that the dust all setttles soon so I can get some games in this weekend.

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