Thursday, March 16, 2006

Week 1 Homework Wed.

I'll be reading like a hard disk for the next few weeks.

Game Theory

Last night I read chapter 3. Chapter 3 was about simultaneous game strategy. It talked about Nash equilibriums and how to get out of a "cycle." Pretty interesting stuff. I need to read chapter 4 and then review for the quiz next week.


I'm dreading reading for the class already. I'll need to review the last classes notes and then start into the next reading assignment ... 7 gazillion pages.

Quixote Update

Didn't read last night

Chess Update

The 3/16/06 puzzle is 25. ? I think one of the knights needs to take out d5. Then exd5 followed by Nxd5 with black playing Rc6 and then white's knight taking the bishop and then black will end up losing the knight on c5.

The answer is Ncxd5 ... the rest is history ... see the game!

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