Friday, March 17, 2006

Week 1 Homework Thurs. Q20

Game Theory

I read chapter 4 last night. It was about how to solve the prisoner's dilemma. The book talked about OPEC and collusion and other methods to overcoming the prisoner's dilemma. One example that I've always thought is cool is the strategy of matching and beating any competitor's price.

For example two electronic stores would be better off if they worked together to keep prices "normal" as opposed to having a price war. In order to keep each other in line, both offer a program that they will match and beat any competitor's price.

If a competitor X lowers a price, consumers can go competitor Y and get that item for even cheaper. This keeps all competitors "honest" without actually colluding (which is breaking the law).


Tonight I'll have lots of textbook reading (barf) to do. I'll have my nose in that piece of garbage the whole weekend.

Quixote Update
Chapter 20

Just when I thought there was going to be a lull in the book, I end up surprised. Quixote and Sancho come across some thunderous noise in the middle of the night. Quixote thinks to attack whatever it is. Sancho is scared out of his boots and begs Quixote not to leave. Quixote insists that he must go, so Sancho has to be creative ... he ends up tying the legs of Rocinante so when Quixote tries to spur his horse, the horse doesn't move. So Quixote thinks that is the will of God and is content to sit on his horse during the whole night!

So while they are waiting, Sancho has a hold of the saddle and is talking to Quixote. Sancho tells him some nonsensical story and Quixote is unimpressed when the story abruptly ends (because he wasn't counting the sheep!). Then the funny part comes. The way Cervantes describes it is sooo funny ... Sancho has to do something that no one can do for him ... he has to take a dump. So he drops his drawers and pinches a loaf! Quixote smells it and their exchange of words is hilarious! The sun finally comes up and that is where I closed the book and went to bed.

Chess Update

St. Patty's Day puzzle is 34. ? What can I say ... it's a Friday puzzle (difficult). Since most of these require sacrifices, then I looked for a few. The best I could come up with was 34. Bxh5 gxh5 thus "opening up" the defenses. After that, I'd have to dispatch my rooks and queen to g and h.

The answer is Ba7! Wow ... didn't look at that ... just a simple tactic. Lesson learned: don't assume to look for complicated tactics on a Friday!

Last night I had a dream that is related to chess. I dreamt that my wife and I had just been married in this old Spanish/Italian-like cathedral. We walked out of the ceremony very happy. We checked into a local hotel. Each room had a wooden box at the front desk. In the box were 4 sets of chess pieces. It seemed to me that I was in a chess tournament. But I didn't like the pieces ... they were too small or something. So I went to this market-like place in the hotel's basement and asked they man in charge if I could get better pieces. It was dark and he had to find the light switch. While he was gone, I had a flashlight with me and turned it on and started rummaging through the inventory to see if I could find any pieces that I liked. I found a good set and that is where the dream ended.

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